Bio: Anniitra Ravenmoon is an Arch Priestess with The Fellowship of Isis, and The Temple of Isis Los Angeles. Anniitra was ordained by Laura JanesDaughter in 2004, and 2010. Anniitra Is in the service of Isis/Auset, Sekmet, Oya, Morrigan, Kali, and Yemoja. Rt.Rev. Ravenmoon is Founder of “Iseum Of The Nubian Moon”, Temple of Isis Long Beach, and Circle of the Sacred Cauldron, a house of learning of Womens Mysteries and Theaology, where she hosts, book salons, sacred dance classes, and goddess rituals. Anniitra “Makafia Uchati Nu” is a Legal Minister/Nefer Priest, and Dianic Priest with The Kindred Of ShiEndra, and Circle of Aradia. She is a registered HaVla Practioner Level Two.{ HaVla Vibrational Attunement is an ancient process of healing art using movement and the energies of the universe. HaVla restores balance and harmony from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective.}

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